Abel Valdez is a multidisciplinary designer which vision is centered in the construction of functional and beautiful projects, always guided from an strategic point of view. Originally born in Mexico City, he studied Graphic Design and Philosophy in this city, and he has developed projects for clients both in Mexico City like NY United States.

His design vision its founded and inspired on the fundaments of the concept of design builded from an holistic practice, which configure perceptions around the human condition, in which the simplicity helps to communicate the essence of the transmitter and the easiest reception of the emitted message designated to the selected audience. 

As part of his professional trajectory, he has been directing and developing projects that combined the traditional practices of design, implementing at the same time new information technologies. He is specialized in the development and creation of brand identities (branding design), product design and digital design (WEB, UX/UI design).

Actually he believes in the Branding transformation power and he constantly tries to challenge traditional establishment, to create new paradigms formed from the innovation that comes from the design thinking process.